About Us

 NY Capital radio got started five years ago. Today NY Capital radio brings you some of the latest news around the world. Additionally, almost every Sunday we broadcast a conservative radio show called the Josh and Elliot show. Josh and Elliot address the hot topics of the week from their viewpoint. Josh and Elliot are passionate conservatives when it comes to politics and they give their opinions regarding different issues of that week on their Sunday show.

  The Josh and Elliot Show originally started from blog talk radio and  use to broadcast from spreaker.com, and perhaps other venues as well. The Josh and Elliot show now broadcast from talkshoe.com, which is the primary site used for broadcasting at his time, but you can hear all of the latest episodes right here on the NY Capital Radio Blog by clicking on  The Josh and Elliot Show on the top of the page.

  The Josh and Elliot show takes phone calls from callers and welcomes all opinions regarding their discussion at that time.The Josh and Elliot Show also have guests on the show.

   NY Capital Radio is proudly sponsored by Bagels and Cheese located at 1304 Ave. M in Brooklyn, NY. If you are in New York, be sure to to get over there if your hungry.  Bagels and Cheese is an eat out place that has pizza, bagels, garlic rings, etc. Please check them out if your in the area.